Per Page Setting

File − Print − Properties − Cover Mode Tab − Tick “Per Page Setting”
On this screen you will see there is a “List” option which stores 10 lists which can be edited to accommodate specific instruction for multi page documents.Click Edit List − By Selecting Edit name, you can rename one of the lists − Once you have done this select “Add” ( This allows you add specific instruction ) − Here you can type page numbers and select sub categories to change double sided & tray selection etc − Click “Add” again to select more page numbers / instruction.

This can also be done as a photocopying job at the machine

In this example imagine you have 6 original documents, the first 2 being single sided and the remaining 4 being double sided.

This function will only work if the finishing mode is set to sort − Firstly press reset then go to the finishing button and select sort then OK − Application − Sheet/Cover/Chapter insert − Program Job − Go back to Basic Tab − Load into the document feeder, the first pages for specific instruction (in my example pages 1+2 single sided) − Choose your instructions and select a paper tray then Start − The next screen will show “Fix or Retry” click Ok to continue or Retry to start over again − Load next originals into document feeder − Select “Change Settings”, this will allow you to specify instruction such as double sided and paper selection (paper size allows tray selection) − Start − Repeat until all originals have been scanned then click Finish − Ok − Start